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Two Austrian producers explore new musical territories: each song with different musicians.


Chronic City's "Nom De Guerre" unites national and international artists creating a manifold just as atmospheric album. There has been loud applause for it in advance within the blogger scene from Vancouver to Vienna.




Singer/songwriter Florian Horwath meets electronic indie pop as well as on club sounds Reinhold Bilgeri, old hand of Austropop, meticulous sound creator Sir Tralala is aboard just as the French Pop singer Henri Joel, Illute from Berlin, Sleep Sleep or organists and ska wind players: the concept behind Chronic City may be best described by the staff.


Seeking new territories.

Two Austrian musicians decide in Autumn 2012 to conquer new musical grounds. Each song is developed with various artists. "A classical band is always a corset for creativity and opportunities", tell us both producers. Thus, they started the quest: for striking voices, innovative sound creators or instrumentalists without ties to pop music. Little by little, sounds of the city life captured in the course of travels abroad are stranding on the recordings and intensify the atmosphere of the dreamy indie pop songs.


Across the pond.

The summery sunny first single "Key Biscayne ft Henri Joel" is initially discovered by US American and Canadian bloggers. The free download makes the rounds and grants the band airplay in five countries as well as TV appearances in German private broadcastings. After that, one thing followed another: grown as a band on stage, Chronic City perform in national and international concert halls, give interviews in no-tell motels, cooperate with Swiss Universities and publish experimental video clips.


Nom De Guerre.

For the recordings of the debut album "Nom De Guerre", Chronic City started travelling together with a mobile recording studio. Each track has to find its ideal partner in order to develop the right atmosphere for a song. Either dreamy such as "Ocean Of Luxury ft. Sleep Sleep", dancey as in the Bilgeri cooperation "Vertigo" or as tricky as in Sir Tralala's contribution to "Mountains of Hope": the direction, in which the song is supposed to develop, often becomes clear only during short meetings. With Stefan Deisenberger (Naked Lunch, Love & Fist, Nowhere Train) they found a congenial partner, whose sound mixing keep the eclectic acoustic patterns together.


A city, a book.

The band borrowed the name from the same title of the novel by US author Jonathan Lethem as well as many lyrics. " Right from the start we liked the city as a picture. 'Nom De Guerre' thrives on its various facets, voices, noises, timbres", tell us both producers.

The expedition through the city has started!






Ankathie Koi  //  Vocals & Songwriting

We Walk Walls  //  Remix Production

Max Rino  //  Vocals

Sleep Sleep  //  Vocals & Songwriting

Skwerl  //  Remix

Reinhold Bilgeri  //  Vocals
Charly Bonat  //  Guitars
Illute  //  Vocals
Sir Tralala // Vocals & Production
Mimu Merz // Vocals
Henri Joel  //  Vocals
Florian Horwath  //  Vocals
Martin Haiden  //  Saxophone &  Clarinet
Sandrine Rohrmoser  //  Vocals
Michael Klapper // Drums
Tarek Farwati // Vocal
Peter Frisée  //  Church Organ
Stefan Deisenberger  //  Mix

Sebastian Kubik  //  Visual Design
Elsa Bachmeyer  //  Visual Design
Stiefkind // Photography
Anwora  //  Photography

More to be announced soon


Pictures of the recording sessions